3 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Offenders

1. There is a sex offender in almost every neighborhood. Go to http://records.txdps.state.tx.us and click on “Public Sex Offender Search” and enter your county or zip code. You can also visit this site www.FamilyWatchDog.com.

2. “Sex Offender” means many things. Registered sex offenders have been convicted of a variety of offenses and juveniles convicted of certain crimes in Texas are also required to register. Thus, a 40 year old rapist and a 14 year old who emailed his friend a naked photo of his underage girlfriend are “sex offenders”!

3. Not all people convicted of sex crimes in Texas are on the list. Not all offenders are available on the Texas Sex Offender Registry, pursuant to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and judicial orders. Also, registration requirements vary depending on an offender’s crime, from 10 years to life. So, someone who was convicted of a sex crime in 1998 may no longer be in the registry.

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