Future 290 Expansion & Lane Closures

I grew up off 290/Beltway and lived there while commuting to University of Houston and while working in downtown. Back then, traffic wasn’t near as bad as it is now and of course when I drove, I did my makeup, ate and ALWAYS made sure to have good music! I cannot be in the car without good music. When I was growing up there definitely weren’t as many neighborhoods, shopping and options, the growth has been unprecedented and the freeway hasn’t grown with the amount of new people on the road. My gas bill was sky high and I ended up moving inner loop to not spend 2 hours of my life a day in the car. We all used to feel this way about I10 and now look at what a breeze it is! Hopefully 290 is headed in this direction! Did you know that 290 is planning a multi-billion dollar expansion? They are also planning to expand Hempstead Highway and turn it into a toll road, there will be a bike path and metro rail. The proposal calls for more lanes and easier access on/off the freeway. Frontage roads will be improved to provide more turn lanes and easier u-turns to improve traffic flow when you exit the freeway. If you are coming inbound there will be easier access to 610/I-10 from 34th Street so you can avoid bottlenecking at major intersections. Also, HOV lane will be moved to the Hempstead Tollroad.

Upcoming Lane closures include:

  • Eastbound Frontage Road from 34TH ST to DACOMA RD. 1 inside lane closed. Closed continuously until 5:00 AM, Thursday, March 1, 2012.
  • Eastbound Frontage Road at MANGUM. TOTAL CLOSURE OF U-TURN. Closed until further notice.
  • Westbound Frontage Road at 34th STREET and MANGUM. TOTAL CLOSURE OF U-TURNS. Closed until further notice.

For more info visit www.my290.com

To view the plans, click on ANIMATION, its really detailed and informative! The colored sections are the additions.

Click for more information on Metro Solutions

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