Houston Food Trucks

Houston Food Truck

I love to eat and for the most part I like healthy food (meaning REAL food that’s grown in the ground and not processed) so I don’t eat much fast food. Seven times out of ten I am in a hurry so I am all about quick, good food. Just thinking of fast food chains makes me queezy and makes my stomach hate me so it’s always my last resort — enter the genius idea of gourmet food trucks! This brilliant idea is perfect for those of us who will go anywhere for delicious food.

Now, where to begin? First of all, there are way too many for me to name them all. Secondly, there is such a diversity that it totally depends on your palette. Thirdly, how spontaneous you are, where you are and where the food truck is! You can follow them on facebook, twitter to know where they are or certain venues throughout Houston like my favorite coffee shop – Inversion Cafe has one parked there everyday from 12p-2p or Bo Concept or Noel Furniture.

My favorites:

  1.  Hit n Run – one of the best hamburgers I have ever had. Plus the wait is not long, that’s always a big plus!
  2. Phamily Bites – a banh mi is always a delicious alternative when you are on the run! Like SPAM? Try the spam musubi a yummy and filling treat. This truck offers a big variety of Vietnamese food!

On my To Eat Next List:

  1. Htown StrEATS
  2. Oh My Pocket Pies

To see all the Houston Food Trucks visit www.houstonfoodtrucks.com
To view by Rating on Yelp
To view the Top Rated

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